You're going to rock this appointment. I love what you've done to feel confident!
Hmmm. Confident in a naughty way?
If I have a partner, I'll text them that I can't wait for them to fuck up my makeup after whatever I'm gearing up for.
If I don't have a partner, I'll do a really elaborate makeup. It's like my armor. » 7/22/14 10:38am Yesterday 10:38am

This post was powerful. Thank you so much for sharing.
My father almost died when I was a baby. He claims he saw no paradise, he saw no flames; it was just black. He's always encouraged us to live life to the fullest; and has such a respectful, inclusive, positive attitude about everything.
Just to remind you: You… » 7/21/14 10:08pm Monday 10:08pm

"You can feel nothing but a torment, and believe nothing but a lie. You will not raise your head to look at all the miracles of life that surround you; but you will run ten miles to see a fight or a death."
-Eve to Cain, Back To Methuselah, George Bernard Shaw

The fact that you take so much inherent glee in something… » 7/19/14 11:26am Saturday 11:26am