I'm hotfreypie.
I enjoy bathing in the blood of my enemies, intellectual discourse, and discussing the merits of the Satan in "Paradise Lost."
I'm single, live in a fishbowl of a small city, and have little to no free time.
So it looks like I'll remain single for a while. » 10/20/14 12:41pm Yesterday 12:41pm

Forget School, I Want to Read Fantasy Genre Fiction

I'm somewhat bogged down with school work at this point in the semester. I suppose that's what happens when you're obtaining your Master's and an Associate's at the same time. I AM THE DICHOTOMY OF (WO)MAN. Right now, I want to go to a mountain cabin, and curl up with a pile of books.

I want to sit in the Weirwood of… » 10/15/14 1:54pm Wednesday 1:54pm

My Inner Mr. Hyde: Addiction is My Worst Friend

Addiction is my worst friend.

For years, I have tried to completely cut alcohol out of my life. The word "alcoholic" was one that I avoided for a very, very, long time. I didn't drink during the day before work. I didn't drink everyday. There's no way I can be an alcoholic, right? "I can still drink occasionally," I… » 10/13/14 2:04pm 10/13/14 2:04pm