I feel as if the conversation should focus on the immense pressure Hollywood places on actresses over 40, in regards to how they age. They are rarely respected for their craft. In lieu of that, the headlines are "LOOK HOW YOUNG SHE LOOKS OMGZ" or "WOW SHE IS AGING REALLY WELL WOW SUCH GRACE MUCH ATTRACTIVE."
I think… » 10/22/14 3:48pm Wednesday 3:48pm

I'm hotfreypie.
I enjoy bathing in the blood of my enemies, intellectual discourse, and discussing the merits of the Satan in "Paradise Lost."
I'm single, live in a fishbowl of a small city, and have little to no free time.
So it looks like I'll remain single for a while. » 10/20/14 12:41pm Monday 12:41pm

Forget School, I Want to Read Fantasy Genre Fiction

I'm somewhat bogged down with school work at this point in the semester. I suppose that's what happens when you're obtaining your Master's and an Associate's at the same time. I AM THE DICHOTOMY OF (WO)MAN. Right now, I want to go to a mountain cabin, and curl up with a pile of books.

I want to sit in the Weirwood of… » 10/15/14 1:54pm 10/15/14 1:54pm

My Inner Mr. Hyde: Addiction is My Worst Friend

Addiction is my worst friend.

For years, I have tried to completely cut alcohol out of my life. The word "alcoholic" was one that I avoided for a very, very, long time. I didn't drink during the day before work. I didn't drink everyday. There's no way I can be an alcoholic, right? "I can still drink occasionally," I… » 10/13/14 2:04pm 10/13/14 2:04pm

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